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  • Mission Statement

    The purpose of this association is to promote friendly relations between members of this association, insurance companies, insurance agents, other claim organizations, the insurance business in general and the general public; to provide opportunities for establishing and maintaining contacts among members engaged in the investigation and adjustment of insurance claims, to provide opportunities for training, education and the exchange of ideas on subjects of common interest; and to promote the best interest of the insurance industry.

    This association shall not become affiliated with any union or attempt in any manner to form any union of insurance adjusters.

  • Spring 2013
  • Spring 2013
  • Spring 2014
  • Grand Rapids Adjusters Association

    Visit http://graaonline.org/

  • Saginaw Valley

    Visit http://www.svaami.com/

  • Central Michigan Adjusters Association

    Visit http://www.centralmichiganadjusters.org/

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